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about me

Michelle Brown, Designer, Artist, Creator

I love fashion, travel, art, music, architecture and culture. I won scholarships to college at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I've worked in fashion related jobs all my life to prepare me to one day open my own store and brand.<3

While growing up in Okinawa, Japan, I had been inspired by my mom sewing and taking up the local crafts.

I decided to take sewing class in high school, where I then joined the Future Homemakers of America Home Economics Related Occupations (FHA-HERO). I competed in Fashion Design competitions and discovered a talent that was part design and part visual presentation.

I won a one year scholarship to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM).

Since I took home that win, I couldn't compete in it again for my Senior year, so I competed in Interior Design.  It was an amazing year, I won a 2nd year scholarship, completely paying off college, which no one had done before with FHA-HERO or FIDM. 

I dreamt of becoming a Buyer and one day owning my store.

I was interested in the business side of Fashion, so I chose to major in Merchandise Marketing. While in college, I picked up a few sales associate jobs. Then moved into the corporate side of retail, working in buying and planning offices.

During my fashion career, one of my hobbies was sewing go-go dancing costumes and raver clothes.

I have since evolved into making everyday clothing, Halloween costumes, home decor, dog clothing and accessories, some light alterations and plenty of upcycling. I used to post them on ETSY.com, set up booths at events and doing fashion shows. Now you can find my merchandise for sale here on my website or request made to order pieces.

As fashion has evolved over the recent years, Glam, Pop and Rock have become core elements in trends.

I love using bright colors and fun prints to draw wide-eyed attention and interest. Adding embellishments give a beautiful sparkle and a luxe feel. And sometimes that bad girl edge, shows contrast to an otherwise feminine expectation.